March 5, 2019

An Insight About Royal Weddings

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This year many magnificent weddings took place, and the common thing amongst these royal weddings was a décor creating a fairytale atmosphere. Luxury wedding planner tries to create something more than public imagination in the grand ceremonies starting with making the host wear elaborate gowns and dazzling tiaras. They follow the traditional distinct customs to make the ceremony special for the couple and the family.

How Has Weddings Changes Over Time?

Before marriage celebrations were quiet and simple being graceful and nimble. However, even if the rituals are same, there is a trend of splurging on the weddings for pride and honor in the society or on a competitive footing. The weddings have been the best show off of the wealth to society. This has resulted in the event planning business and wedding planning sector grow steeply to organize destination weddings and theme based weddings.

Though this has a played crucial part in the growth of the wedding industry, this trend has forced the average middle class to spend all they have to compete with the society in the celebration. People spend their hard-earned money on the plush wedding to make the event the best and make the guests experience different types of cuisines and entertainment.

There are some communities which have started doing smaller, less flashy weddings, and conclude the wedding by just serving tea and snack at the wedding and have resulted in merit appreciation of acceptance in the middle class and poor people.

Themed Weddings

Themed weddings are in trend making everyone from a photographer to waiter to the couple in the same color as the theme. If you have a favorite color, then you can get your entire function designed in that color from your party event planners accordingly. There is a trend of setting traditional benchmarks like the movies in the wedding functions to give a specific look to the décor and arrangement. The theme wedding often comes with a big price tag, but these weddings certainly come once in a year or less. The couples can look for theme inspirations online, chose the best one and get it decorated as per their desires.

The Dress & The Shoes

There is a number of dress and wedding options to become the center of attraction and be remembered for the event. You can choose from the varied options available than ever before, and that makes you look entirely different and elegant. Your dress and shoes, designed according to the theme make you look stunning and the professional photographer centers the wedding images on the theme and the culture of that area.