March 11, 2019

An Insight To Summer Wedding Trends Of 2019

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With summer approaching, the couples getting married are planning for their big events in the summers. There were many magnificent summer weddings in 2018 providing you the opportunity to combine the best ideas into your special days with the help of luxury event management companies.

The wedding-planning industry has definitely taken note of the ideas used in extravagant weddings, which were dedicated to environmentally sustainable trends. The wedding planners have taken over all the stress of planning a wedding by taking major decisions of every specification of the wedding. You just give the planners insight into the kind of wedding you want and the budget, they take care of everything from decoration to catering to pleasing the guests themselves. They make the start of your new family, so amusing that you cherish the weekend of festivities your entire life.

Here are some of the major trends of summer weddings in 2019 to be embraced.

The Location

There is a trend of planning a wedding in a unique location to wow the guests with a wonderful experience. The inclination towards a themed wedding with a wedding-themed fashion is on the rise. The fashion industry is working on designing the whole wardrobe for the family and extended family making the entire ceremony more notable. Decorating the entire venue with fresh flowers coordinated with the theme and celebratory items will be done, keeping in mind the location of the luxury weddings. The beautiful summer weddings full of attention to details will be filling your diaries. 2019 will see a shift from statement capes, veils, and dessert-inspired interiors to velvet decorations, and statement sleeves from the brides-to-be.

Environment-Friendly Choices

The trend of making eco-friendly fashion and food choices for weddings is growing. The wedding planner Miami are using reusable straws and vintage decorations for the tables. There have more than 120,000 searches for eco-friendly items to be used in weddings in catering and decoration in the past three months. People are more environmentally aware now and are making collective, a societal effort through their fashion, food and work choices in daily life. Everything is made biodegradable so that it doesn’t harm the environment.

There is a traditional and bio-friendly twist to the textures and materials used in the accessories, wedding cards, and flowers. Laser cut wedding invitations and velvet wedding items are being widely in destination weddings. There has been the use of pampas grass than the traditional bouquets for decoration and gifting.