April 30, 2019

Are You Planning A Garden Theme Wedding? Here’s What You Should Consider

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Outdoor weddings are filled with fun and laughter. They give a happy vibe; the whole day feels special for the whole wedding party. Garden themed weddings are beautiful and timeless; they give an overall romantic feel. Luxury wedding planner suggests having a garden wedding in spring, a garden wedding feels like a fairytale in spring season when flowers are in full bloom and there are endless styling ideas for a garden wedding. Garden weddings can be classy, fun, creative and give out a relaxed feel.

Below are a few things that you should consider if you are planning a garden themed wedding


To set the tone of the garden wedding, send wedding invitations of pastel colors and floral motifs. Peach, white, powder blue are perfect colors for a summer and spring wedding.


You can choose a beautiful venue which will be best suited for a garden wedding. Make sure to take any necessary permissions from your local authorities if you wish to be wed at a botanical garden.


Your wedding bouquet should compromise of fresh seasonal flowers, make sure to add peonies and roses to your bouquet.

Pop Of Color

You can add a dash of color against the green backdrop to make the pieces stand out. A hint of red here and there will look beautiful in a garden theme wedding.

Floral Garland

You can add a floral garland at the center of the table where guests will sit to enjoy food and drink. You can either add white blooms or if you love color, you can add blue and red.

Well Decorated Chuppah

You can choose to decorate wooden chuppah with fresh flowers and can add a twist of greenery to it.  Floral chuppa look festive and beautiful.


No wedding is complete without a perfect cake. You can add the idea of a garden theme to your cake. Choose to have flower decorations on your wedding cake.

Potted Plants

Potted plants go really well in a garden theme wedding. You can even give potted plants to your guests as a takeaway gift.


Garden weddings make a pretty and ravishing wedding theme. Summer and spring garden weddings give an overall romantic and majestic feel, guests feel relaxed and enjoy the outdoor event. With so many variations of rustic, glamorous, and simple garden weddings, the theme can work for everyone. You can opt for the services of top wedding planners Miami to plan a fairytale garden wedding.