March 25, 2019

How To Plan A Destination Wedding

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Gone are the days when destination weddings were for celebrities only. Many are getting inspired by the celebrities to go for a destination wedding. There is a variety of options available from beaches to mountains to tropical islands etc. Destination wedding serves as a mini holiday for you and your guests. So, what are the factors that one should keep in mind while planning a destination wedding? Let’s dive in!

Choose a perfect spot

Narrow down a perfect spot for your wedding. Wedding location sets the mood for your wedding- beachy, rustic etc. Pick something that vibes well with your partner’s and your shared passions. A wedding spot should be something that your guests can say “that’s them”. Miami is emerging as a top option among couples to get married. Take help from top wedding planners Miami in making your memorable day perfect.

Guest list

Make your mind on what type of wedding you want- a  large wedding or a small wedding with family and friends. Guest list plays a major role in deciding the venue, activities, variety of cuisines. At a destination wedding, the guest list plays a key role in deciding the budget of the wedding.

Notify guests in advance

It will be wise to give everyone’s a heads-up. Give your bridal party plenty of time to book flights and accommodation before the prices skyrocket. Send out save the dates at least six months in advance.


People usually choose the warm weather for their wedding. But there is no fixed rule, it’s your wedding and you can take the liberty of choosing the weather you want to get married in. However, have a backup plan if things don’t go as planned. Prep for windy beach weather in Miami or a snowfall if you are getting married in mountains. Try to choose months in which the weather is less extreme.

Marriage Requirements

Local marriage requirements are different in different countries. Search for the local marriage requirements in advance. For example, to get married in France you need to stay there for 40 days.

Hire a pro

Destination weddings are best left to pros. You should entrust someone’s capable hands in managing a wedding in a distant locale. Top wedding planners who have a positive client list and who are in business for long should be considered in planning your dream destination wedding