March 4, 2019

Make Your Pre-Wedding Celebration Majestic

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Pre- wedding celebration have evolved drastically over the years. The events leading to the wedding involve a lot of work and preparation to make the bride and the groom feel special. The family, guests, and friends come up with many ideas for the pre-wedding functions and entirely rely on them for other fun activities. The celebrity wedding planner has the best tricks to decide the theme, food, music, wedding couture and other party activities. Their familiarity in this industry makes them plan the pre-wedding functions crazily with various funny ideas. They make the pre-wedding celebration setup entirely picture perfect, and creates the aura of the romantic fairy tale.

Recent Pre- Wedding Trends

A recent pre- wedding celebration in Switzerland was magical, having everything perfect from the elegant door to white snow. The exclusive luxury resort surrounded by the beautiful lake had in store something for everybody, breathtaking views of the town enclosed in the snow just added a cherry to the event. The event took place in Gothic-style landmark in the center of St Moritz, overlooking the lake and has a grand lobby, graceful restaurants, cafes and shops with old-world charm making the guest experience the elegance of the ancient era. This historic hotel was built in 1896, has many charming corners to explore every box in the fairy tale Alpine dreamscape.

How Do Event Planning Companies Work?

The event planning companies make the best out of the lounges to encourage interaction and make it comfy for the guests. The lounges were used cleverly to make the ambiance perfect for each event; the guests were treated with bohemian lounge with a hookah vibe and low seats for intimate conversations and a calm environment. The grand entrance using new ideas thrills the visitors at the starting of the event. The wedding planners install neon lights at the reception area and make the place look entirely different and chic.

At the moment, they are creating grand entrances to make the guests sneak in, to look inside the venue. Moreover, they have started displaying great artwork on the hallway and striking lighting to give a beautiful intimate effect on the guests. They create a beautiful wall of the couple pictures with their close friends. Luxury event management planners also create a small door on the hallway to spice up the things; the guests open the door and write wishes & dreams on it with various colors.