April 9, 2019

Make Your Wedding Beautiful With These Flower Arrangements for the Year 2019

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A Wedding is about all the hustle and bustle. There are so many pre-arrangements that one has to deal with. Along with all the celebrations it is easy to forget small little things which make a big impact on your D-day. But celebrity wedding planner is here to help you in taking into account all the details- big and small. One such thing that one has to keep in mind is the flower arrangement; flower arrangement sets the mood of an event. It is important to choose such flower arrangements which reflect your relationship and love for each other. Color combinations have the power to transform simple into chic and stylish!

We will present you with flower arrangement trends for the year 2019, which will surely entice you. Let’s have a look:


Pastels never go out of trend; they are a delight to eyes in summer and spring. If you are interested in something simple yet beautiful, then pastels are surely for you. Taupe flowers, pale pink and blush are becoming a top favorite of brides instead of classic white. It is always best to go with natural fresh flowers of the season. You can add a touch of pale blue and peaches in your summer wedding flower assortment.


What another way to show your love than roses? Roses come in all the colors- red, pink, blush pink, yellow, white, etc. Choose what color combination you want for your wedding and you can never go wrong with them. Garden roses are easily available in the summer months. Sweet and mild fragrance of roses will definitely mesmerize your guests.


Ferns don’t have seeds or flowers, but they are apt to add greenery to your wedding. Ferns can be used to accent the bouquet and in 2019 we expect to see lots of ferns. They can be used in boho weddings, beach weddings and in indoor weddings as well, they add an element of greenery to the flower arrangement and greenery is a treat to sore eyes.


What better way to decorate your wedding venue than this timeless flower! Peonies always look pretty and they add freshness into a summer wedding. Peony season begins in April and ends in June. Peonies can be added to your wedding bouquet as well as it is a versatile flower. The Luxury wedding would suggest adding peonies to grace your wedding.