April 16, 2019

Make your wedding memorable in the scenic city of Miami

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There is nothing more magical and surreal than a Miami wedding. Miami has a warm temperature year round. Scenic beaches and rich architecture make Miami a top choice to get married in this beautiful city.  Miami is a tourist spot and lots of couples from other cities come to Miami to get married. Miami wedding can be your dream wedding and your guests will enjoy this mini vacation in Miami.  Top wedding planners Miami can turn your dream into reality by making your wedding ceremony beautiful and stress-free for you.

In Miami, you get plenty of options to choose from! If you are a lover of the sea and will enjoy the natural music of sea waves you can choose to have a beach wedding.

If you are someone who likes to get married in a traditional way then you can opt for a church wedding.

Miami offers various offbeat venues as well, like getting married in a museum, theatres, etc. Miami offers you many different choices according to your taste and liking.

When is the best time to get married in Miami?

Miami has an average temperature of 77 degrees. Summer in Miami is hot and humid whereas winters are short and dry. Many couples prefer winter Miami wedding as it is more comfortable for the guests to sit under the sun during an open-air ceremony. Miami also has an active hurricane season; you may want to purchase wedding insurance in case any natural calamity derails your wedding plans.

Wedding Venues

When you are in Miami, you get plenty of options in wedding venues. Miami has something for everybody. You can get married at a beach. Beach weddings are the most popular weddings in Miami. You get plenty of natural light which is needed to get amazing wedding photographs. Beaches offer a serenity which helps to calm the wedding nerves.

If you are not a fan of a beach wedding but want an open-air wedding ceremony then you can look for country clubs, gardens, rooftop wedding spaces, etc.

If you want a church wedding then Miami has many beautiful churches.

Marriage Requirements

You and your partner are required to go together to apply for a marriage license from the marriage license office. It is required for the residents to take a four-hour premarital course; otherwise, they need to wait for three days for their marriage license to be effective.

Accommodation for your guests

Marriage is a tourist city and there are plenty of accommodation options available. If you are getting married in a hotel, then it will be beneficial to arrange for the accommodation of your guests in the same hotel or you can choose any nearby hotels. But be sure to not book rooms far away from the venue as traffic can be tricky in the bustling city of Miami.

If you are not sure how to plan your fairytale wedding in Miami, then you should seek the help of a wedding event planner to make your special day all the more special.