February 15, 2019

wedding memories remarkable in the magical panoramas of Italy

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If you are planning a luxury wedding in the beautiful backdrop of Italy, you are in the right place.  Italy has a variety of breathtaking destinations that you might be dreaming of since you heard your wedding bells.  You can either plan your wedding on the beach side villas or in the exotic resorts that offer exquisite panoramas for your wedding photography.

A luxury wedding planner can always help you with great and unique ideas to make your special day delightful and enjoyable. The beautiful historical villas along the coast of Lake Como and Lake Garda which are separated by the lush green trees is another great option to plan a luxury wedding in the midst of nature.

Plenty of stunning locations for a dreamy wedding

Villa Monsiglio in Tuscany is the grandest and scenic place in Italy offering a perfect outdoor setting with the artistic beauty all around. The villa consists of a spacious reception area, neatly cut flora, and assorted fresco paintings-all this makes it a unique place for hosting a luxury wedding.

The another one in the list is Vernazza, Italian Riveria which offers a dazzling backdrop of World Heritage Site, couples choose this incredible village for tying their knots as it is one of the most striking place offering seaside church, Town Hall, and beautiful cafes to host a memorable ceremony.

Built in the Italian village of Borgo namely Borgo Finocchieto is a large gothic villa where you can experience the tranquillity of heaven. Many famous celebrities have tied their knots in this beautiful, ancient villa having the potential of hosting luxury weddings.

The honeymoon destination Venice is another romantic place where couples can choose to plan their wedding. The lovely canals and the romantic vibes all around are perfect for a Romeo-Juliet wedding.

Best season to get married in Italy

Deciding on your own about the best season to get married in Italy might get difficult in case you are not a locale so hiring a wedding event planner would be a good idea to relieve yourself from the stress of planning a luxury wedding. However, according to the wedding planners, the wedding season starts in the mid of May and continues till October so these six months are quite pleasant for planning your wedding in Italy. You should do the bookings and arrangements early to choose from the best options and venues available for the wedding.