March 1, 2019

Overview Of Extravagant Weddings

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With celebrity weddings being in the limelight, décor, stay, catering, artist and gifts are the essential features of big-ticket weddings. Event production companies Miami have a number of hotel inventories at various destinations, and also organize cruise ship weddings if the client wants it. The newest trend is having famous chefs fly down to make special cuisines and get classic artists from all over the world to maintain the charisma at the wedding.

The hype around celebrity weddings has resulted in making people crazy about taking vows in the exotic destination of the world. There are people doing 800-room wedding and on the other side, there are people getting married with their close 80 people in a 40 rooms resort. Most of these weddings have fly down chefs from Kuwait and Dubai for Arabic counters and exporting hard drinks from the specific region to make guests go crazy, when the food counters and bar are set up by different chefs coming from all over the world.

Recent Trends

When people are unable to do the wedding in particular location due to logistics not working out, they have started recreating the entire set in other location with months-long production time for a 3-day wedding. This cumbersome planning is done by event coordinator Miami from making every pillar, engraving, and decoration according to that area to create that set-up as craved by the couple.

Themed Weddings

There was a wedding in which the family wanted a wedding as pictured in the movie. The wedding planners hired an entire cruise ship for three days of the marriage. Generally, people book part of the ship but here full cruise ship was booked for 1,400 guests. Each guest was given two bedrooms, one to sleep in and one for luggage. The wedding had 75 chefs, who flown from the different parts of the world and the welcome harbor was decorated because that’s where the couple and guests came in. The guest having any logistical issues was given an option to join from the ports of the route the ship would take, or join from the ports the artists boarded.

The entire team of wedding party event planners took approximately four months to plan the entire wedding. The venue, the décor, the cruise ship, was actually cruised for three days on it, to make any improvements and understand any shortcomings. Celebrities are usually paid in millions for 30 minutes performance on such lavish weddings.