March 19, 2019

Simple Ways To Keep Chaos Away From Wedding Planning

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When a couple starts planning the wedding, there are a number of preparations to be made which stresses them out. Wedding planning is fun as well as a stressful event. Planning a wedding is a tough job as a number of preparations are to be made in Florida destination weddings.

Here are some tips for keeping the wedding planning stress at bay.

Organize Guests

Organizing the guests to invite should be the first step while planning a wedding. Do not leave on the last minute for deciding friends to invite or not. Firstly, sit with your partner & family to brainstorm about whom to an invite to the wedding. Making a list would give an appropriate idea of the number of guests, so you can make arrangements accordingly. By viewing the list, you can be sure that no one is missed and then alter the size if there are some changes. Looking at the number of guests, you can decide the venue, accommodation, food and other basics for your wedding. Get your weddings cards printed giving the exact information of the various ceremonies. Mention the guest’s name and address on the wedding card on the index card of the wedding invite.


If you want your wedding in a particular venue, it’s mindful to book it in advance before the peak season. If you are not specific about the wedding venues in Miami FL, see the various options around your location and decide the one offering the best ambiance and view. There are some discounts on the number of guests and hefty discounts if no alcohol is served. Take your time to ask the questions coming in your mind, so that you have an insight into your special day.

Moreover, if you hire a wedding planner, they will make the planning of the whole wedding smoother. With their innovative ideas, you can save a lot on your budget owing to their experience of organizing wedding daily. They start planning various functions of your wedding from the time you hire them and use their contacts to make your wedding outshine in the entire season. Most wedding events company charge a certain amount of money for the functions, making you save a lot on the catering, wedding cards and venue.


Speak to your partner and family to plan the cuisines and amount of food to be served at the wedding. They will give suggestions to add extra dishes for the guests, keeping in mind the preferences of various guests. In addition to this, they will guide in adding extra meals to the final count, in case few unexpected people show up and to meet the needs of people with a larger appetite.