March 28, 2019

The Best Wedding Destination Venues In Europe

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The Best Wedding Destination Venues In Europe

Searching for a venue where you are served with the mixture of sophistication, culture and some flair into your nuptials, then you are possibly scouting every potential European wedding venue in Miami FL site coming all the way across the Atlantic. And the good news is that there is no restriction on the selection. But the bad news is it can consume a lifetime, if not longer, to whittle down your selections.

In order to help streamline the procedure, below is the list of selecting some of the most magnificent and dramatic sites encircling Europe. Commencing from hotels snuggled on winding clifftops overseeing picturesque villages to straight-up castles that will offer your guests the history lesson of a lifespan, there are few truly superb spots for your European marriages.

Why Travel To Tuscany?

The adaption of Frances Mayes’ movie “Under The Tuscan Sun” in 2003, made a vision of Tuscany beauty in our brains that the place can be considered a venue full of romance, olives, Chianti wine, aromatic cooking and not to forget the sunshine which is deeply intricate in our veins. Nowadays, many tourists visit this glorious area in northwest Italy to skip the hustle and bustle of Rome or Milan and in its place take in the Italian countryside. The mixture of castles-converted-wineries-converted-hotels, cascading hills, elegant cypress trees, and extensive vineyards is purely heavenly.

Santorini, Greece

Thinking of the Greek Isles, Santorini perhaps comes to the brain. Through its white and blue domed structures dramatically clinging to the cliffs, sunsets and blue Aegean views, you could witness for years, Santorini invites wedding event planner by its very makeup. You can think of getting married at one its cliff-clinging chapels, restaurants and hotels. The plea here is that you will most probably be married in front of enviable Aegean sights. And the guests won’t criticize either. Santorini relishes with things to witness and do from archaeological locations such as Akrotiri and Ancient Thira, and to the beaches of white, red, and black sands. Visitors can effortlessly reach Santorini via direct flights from Athens. They can also reach in a more histrionic fashion, by boat.

Le Grand-Lucé, France

Situated in the Loire Valley, this 18th-century château, French for a castle, has endured wars and revolutions, writers, hosted nobles and philosophers and can offer as a truly magnificent backdrop for your Miami wedding. With the assistance of a grand salon, 15 suites, formal and informal orangeries, dining rooms, and, not to forget magnificent gardens, this is the spot for a friendly and memorable European marriage.