December 21, 2018

Top Wedding Venues to Hold a 5 Star Wedding

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Top Wedding Venues to Hold a 5 Star Wedding

When it comes to the top 3 dream wedding venues to hold a 5 star wedding there is undoubtedly a location somewhere in the world to accomplish every bride’s wedding planner Miami dream. The ones which are chosen here are illustrative of a wide range of choices, each providing a unique perspective on the classic wedding ceremony:-

1. Shamwari Game Reserve. South Africa
2. Quebec’s Ice Hotel
3. Leipig Dome, New Zealand

Shamwari Game Reserve. South Africa

Relish a true Africa wedding reception in an enclosure made from reeds, known as a boma. Take a game drive and catch up with the minister who will execute your wedding service at the top of a hill with nothing around you but the sights and sounds of Africa. The happy couple and their wedding guests reside at Longlee Manor on the Shamwari Private Game Reserve in South Africa. Surely, of all the top wedding venues to hold a 5 star wedding, this Game Reserve in South Africa reaches out top wedding planner Miami for being completely exclusive.

Quebec’s Ice Hotel

The Ice Hotel in Quebec puts a whole new implication on a white wedding! This location is only open each year from January to April, making the Ice Hotel a predominantly exclusive location and fully fitting to be comprised as one of the top wedding venues to hold a 5 star wedding – if you like ice, that is! As its name signifies, this wedding venue is totally sculpted out of the ice. The wedding location this might be, but it is far from a classy option. Of course, there is going to be the charge of accommodation for your guests plus the cost of a wedding reception and the charges of flights.

Leipig Dome, New Zealand

We can’t quite organize to marry you on top of Mount Cook, but you can have the very next best thing! The World Heritage site among the Southern Alps of New Zealand is where you will figure the Leipig Dome, a snowfield of surreal beauty. Up to 6 guests are transported to this southern winter wonderland by helicopter where you can be wedded at the top of the southern world. The Miami wedding package comprises the cost of the helicopter flight and the registrar to marry you. Comprised in the price is your wedding night at the Hermitage Hotel: this encompasses a package of beauty spa, manicures and massage as well as breakfast and dinner.