March 8, 2019

Wedding Trends You Shouldn’t Miss This Year

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There is a trend of doing extravagant weddings for which couples plan for months to live their dream weddings. Party event planners are hired for making the entire event full of revolutionary ideas and proper management. People have started planning functions prior, to add royalty and glory to their event. Receptions are less formal now than before, have customized menus and lights.

Couples want to host weddings that are particularly unique and luxurious to make their wedding memorable. There are various trends being followed by couples to make their weddings successful and inspirational for the coming years.

Here are some trends being followed by couples all over the globe to make their weddings great.

Theme Weddings

Couples prefer themed weddings, decorating the outdoor wedding venues Miami with fresh flowers and make the décor look like a dream. The use of coral colors in summer weddings in flowers, bridesmaid’s dresses, makeup, and cakes give a flawless cheery tone to the wedding location. There are various types of themes from the beach to cottages for designing the entire flawless weddings and coral is the hot favorite hue being incorporated in the summer wedding to make the most of the location. People have started setting traditional dress codes for various functions rather than vague dress codes to keep it simple and classic. Black tie weddings are back in the affair for groom & his friends and are making a comeback after years.

Exclusive Menus

People design exclusive menus for vegetarian or vegan couples making people adore their taste buds in accordance with the values and dietary lifestyles. Earlier, there was barely any vegetarian option listed in the menu as most of the guests loved the seafood and non-vegetarian food, but now the proper vegetarian menu is listed of various cuisines in the beach wedding venues south Florida to make every guest happy.

The couples have become very considerate about dietary restrictions of every guest, and they have started introducing interesting options like zucchini noodles, unique fritters or cauliflower steaks. There is an extravagant display of dessert which sweet tooth people love and there are special desserts rooms which pull people away from the dance area. Moreover, there is a trend of having passable trays for serving desserts, so guests can have deserts while on the move. Lastly, there is signature soft as well as hard drinks made in the signature bars with a number of ingredients available to be mixed as desired by the guests.