April 23, 2019

How To Plan A Great Beach Wedding

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Beach weddings are like a dream. Fresh air, the sound of waves and sky make a beautiful natural setting. No doubt beach weddings are romantic and mesmerizing. You can choose a destination beach wedding or you can plan to get married in a familiar place. If you are a lover of sun, sand, waves, the beach wedding is for you. You can hire a luxury wedding planner to have a hassle-free beach wedding.

However, there are certain things that need to be considered before going for a beach wedding.

Private Beach

Beaches are public property. When you plan to get married on a public beach, you can’t stop other beach goers to access the beach. You might not like others watching you when you are being clicked for wedding portraits and you will lack the privacy. A solution to the problem is to get married on a private beach. You can book a private beach area of a resort for the wedding, this way you will have privacy and there will be no intruders.


Weather plays a crucial role in making or breaking any wedding. Consider getting married in a season when the weather is nice for an outdoor wedding. Always have a backup plan if things don’t sail in the right direction. If the weather is especially hot when you are getting married, consider having the ceremony early morning or late evening.


Beach weddings can get noisy; you don’t want the sound of the waves and seagulls to interfere with your wedding vows. Consider having a good sound system so that guests can hear what you are saying. Also, place a windshield on the mike so that the wind won’t affect the sound output.


Consider a décor which can withstand the breeze on the beach. There are plenty of décor ideas available for a beach wedding, you can choose anywhere from pastels to bright colors. You can choose the tulle, flowers, candles, etc.


Choose flowers for your bouquet wisely. Choose flowers that can withstand heat, humidity and can survive the whole day. Water your flowers so that they look fresh and hydrated. For the decoration purpose, you can incorporate seashells and various other elements along with flowers.


Beach weddings are fun and thrilling. You need to have proper preparation for a beach wedding so that your big day is like you always wanted. Luxury weddings help in all the necessary preparation for a beach wedding.