April 22, 2019

Wedding day checklist for the bride

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Wedding is the most crucial and beautiful part of a girl’s life. Every girl fantasizes about this day. It is normal to get anxious, but proper preparation will save you from the headache.

Have an emergency kit

Anything can go wrong at the last moment, having an emergency kit will save your day. Keep your emergency kit handy, it should include bobby pins, safety pins, fabric tape, nail polish, aspirin, tissues, breath mint, double sided tape, etc. You won’t need all of these things, but it is better to have these options available just in case you need them.

Top wedding planners Miami is providing you with a list of things that you must take into account on your D-day.

A touch-up kit

If you are getting married in the summer heat, a touch-up kit is your savior. Humidity can ruin your makeup; make sure you are well equipped with blotting tissues, lipstick, Q-tips and face powder.

Groom’s ring and bridesmaids gifts

In all the hustle and bustle of marriage don’t forget grooms ring. Make sure to pack and label your bridesmaids’ gifts.

Lightweight snacks

It’s a busy day for the bride! Make sure to eat after regular intervals. You will be busy in photo shoots and meeting guests, pack light weight snacks which you can have on the go.

Don’t forget your vows

If you are writing your own vows, don’t forget to take the paper along with you, if you start feeling nervous or forgets something you can always look it up on the paper.

Second dress for the reception

Opt for a lightweight dress for the reception. It is difficult to carry heavy gown the whole day, when the night arrives you can slip into something comfortable yet beautiful. Plan for the second outfit for the reception, it should be comfortable enough to dance away the night.

Drop your luggage off early

If you are staying the night at a hotel with your significant other, it will be comfortable to drop off your luggage early. Ask a family member to drop off the luggage at the hotel on the morning of the wedding.

Hydrate your flowers

Flowers in your bouquet can wilt in the hot weather, make sure to hydrate them. Certain flowers will get dry early; hydrating them from time to time will help them to live past the ceremony.


Luxury wedding planner emphasizes on the importance of making a wedding day checklist, it will help you in avoiding last minute inconveniences.