March 12, 2019

Outlining The Wonderful Weddings For Your Big Day

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There has been a chain of celebrity weddings which have given birth to various trends in the public. Celebrities show off their extravagant customs to the public on social media by sharing the pictures of weddings. A casual glance at their social media accounts reveal about their wonderland themed pre-wedding parties and dreamy decorations pouring with cloud nine balloon displays. There have been a number of decors which show the perfect choice of the celebrity wedding planner who wants to pull out his personality of the organizers through the entire function.

There are various famous and legendary children’s party planners to make the first birthday of your child memorable, which generally features an enormous blow-up entrance for amusing the kids at entrance followed by life-size teddy bears standing at elaborate rainbow archways, and unicorn ball pits.


There has been a trend of making beautiful cake tiers adorned with pictures of the couple, flowers and butterflies, such cakes taste delicious and look incredible. The trend of cutting beautiful cakes is in focus this season and bakers are having an incredible time, making palatable cakes and are putting their energy in creating stunning works of art for cutting them on a special day. Before finalizing your cake for the day, explore recent creations of various known confectionaries and after being inspired by the various excellent works, get your statement wedding cake made with the help of event planning companies.

Big Jam-Packed Weddings

The trend of having elaborate weddings planned and curated by wedding planners to make every ceremony special is in trend. Before weddings were more of an intimate ceremony done by the elders of the family, has now turned into crowd of relatives and friends for sharing your happiness and has changed into a glamorous carnival which is visualized, directed and documented by the professional wedding photographer, to record the wedding in best possible manner and take best shots of the couple and the family. The trend of your cousin owning a VHS camera taking photographs of the couples and guests, while dancing and stuffing with food has gone.

The luxury weddings have drones for shooting images of the entire event from the sky, a celebrity entertainer, and a buffet comprising of kinds of cuisine prepared by the well-known chefs. These are among the few reasons why weddings are no longer a personal affair, but a way to splurge on the most important day of your life. Before weddings used to be a 2 days ceremony celebrated with close friends and family, which has now taken the role of a social media campaign, is celebrated for a week with numbers of people.