April 5, 2019

The Wedding Party Trends you shouldn’t miss this year

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There are varied numbers of trends to make your wedding memorable. Making your guests relish the event is kept the priority of luxury event planners. Planners add a wow factor to your special day making it a memorable day of your life.

Here are some latest wedding trends which should not be missed in 2019


Now weddings are more than showcasing your opulence, entertaining guests to keep them excited is the priority. Having inspiring shows, thrill your guests. Destination weddings planners put a lot of effort in setting a perfect spot to tie a knot as well as have a high rolling stay experience.

Cocktail Event

Hosting a lavish cocktail event to mark the starting of the celebrations on gorgeous landscapes is the latest trend. Catering number of high society individuals comes with a huge responsibility. To engage or entertain them, the planners need to work across their senses to interest them.

Meticulous event planners focus on specifically crafted elements to offer an exquisite experience to the couple and guests. They have specific teams to focus on decoration, seating, stage which prevent any over-complication of matters. Planners focus on giving guest elegant & classy vibes than worthless decor. Paying attention to the substance is primacy than being carried away with luxury.

Dreamlike Décor

Event planning companies Florida focus on natural floral décor to glorify the venue. The overwhelming fragrance of flowers and frills gives a regal ambiance to the place. Chair backs and tables are decorated with orchids and lilies to add a spark to the seating arrangement. Antique holders of the candles give a magnificent and alluring look to the marriage location.

Lighting is the primary focus to mark your special day with beautiful pictures and videos. Stunning lights on the ceiling and wall light up the entire venue. Hanging chandeliers with gem prism give a luxurious touch to the venue. Professional warm and natural white lighting dazzle the ballroom.

Soothing Music

Music plays a major role in extravagant weddings. Hiring a band and DJ proves to be magical for adding essence to your wedding. Live music is the best entertainment to set the mood of your guests. The variety of songs keeps the party going and alive. Having your favorite singer at your wedding just makes your wedding more special and grand.


Hiring top wedding planners Miami for your marriage ceremony adds a more customized touch to your wedding. Incorporating creative ideas with the latest trends is the strategy followed to make your day special.