April 8, 2019

7 Engagement ring trends of 2019

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The engagement season has arrived, you must be fascinated by would be brides flashing their engagement rings at various social media platforms. There is a special significance of engagement ring; your better half proposes you for marriage with a ring. Whenever there is a romantic proposal in a movie, every girl wishes that their lover proposes to them in the same way.

Once a lady wears an engagement ring, the whole world knows that she is going to get married soon. Nowadays the engagement ring not only reflects the commitment but it has become a significant teller of the relationship status.

Wedding planner Miami believes that your engagement ring represents commitment to one another and it reminds you why you are together when times get tough.

We are providing you with a list of top engagement ring trends of 2019 that your partner will definitely fall in love with:

Colored diamonds

Diamonds are found in many colors, blue, yellow, white, green, red, etc. Colored accents are high in trend this year. If your significant other loves a pop of color, then a colored engagement ring is surely going to be a pleasant surprise for them.

Solitaire Setting

Solitaire Setting is never going to go out of trend! This is one thing that you can never go wrong with. A solitaire setting ring is going to steal the heart of your partner; there is something traditional yet modern to this style of ring.

Pear-shaped stones

Pear -shaped stones are becoming a top favorite of would be brides this year. If your partner likes something different, then pear-shaped stones will provide them with what they are looking for.

Yellow gold

The yellow gold trend is back in town. Yellow gold adds an old world charm to your engagement ring, it is available in many shapes and designs and you can choose the one which satisfies your heart’s desire.

Antique rings

If you want something “unique” go for the antique rings. They offer intricate designs, accent diamonds, and details that will leave you mesmerized.

Double bands

Two is better than one, no? Double bands are setting the trends of 2019 engagement rings. It can be set with small diamonds on the band and a big diamond in the center. Or you can choose intricate detailing at the center, the choice is all yours.


Whenever you will look down on your engagement ring, you will go down in the memory lane; you will be reminded of the love of your partner. Luxury event planners have provided you with the latest trends, whatever you will buy, buy it with love and passion and surely, your significant other would appreciate it.