April 15, 2019

6 Must have essentials for an outdoor wedding

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Outdoor weddings are fun. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, there are some things that you should consider to avoid turning it to something not pleasant. There can be many uninvited guests like bugs and insects. To avoid all these unpleasant happenings at your outdoor wedding, wedding planner Miami Florida is going to provide a list of things that you should take into account. In Miami, the most popular time of the year for an outdoor wedding is the springtime.

Let’s see 5 essentials for a perfect outdoor wedding.


Provide your guests with shade in the sun. Your guests will wilt in the sun, providing them with parasols is essential, also you can opt for nice and decorative tents, according to the color theme of your wedding.

Individually packaged towelettes instead of sprays or lotions

It is smart to provide your guests with sunscreen and bug repellents. But the application of these items can be a little messy, especially in a wedding nobody wants to slather lotions in front of everybody. A quick fix to these problems is wipes! You can provide your guests with bug repellent wipes and sunscreen can be provided in towelettes form In lieu of lotions.

Mic up your ceremony

In the outdoors, it can be difficult for the guests to hear what is being said during the ceremony, especially if the strong breeze is blowing. A good sound system can solve the problem.


Water is a must-have necessity in an outdoor wedding. Water should be readily available during the wedding. Consider providing fruit infused water to your guests along with bottles of plain water.

Windproof your hairstyle

In an outdoor wedding, wind can blow off your favorite hairstyle. Tell your hairstylist beforehand that you are having an outdoor wedding and your hairstyle should be such which can withstand the weather.

Hand Fans

If you are getting married mid-summer, provide your guests with hand fans, you can make it creative and fun by adding random facts about you and your husband on the hand fans for the guests to read.


Outdoor weddings are fun; they can be fun for your guests as well if you keep above things in mind. Top wedding planners Miami are well experienced in outdoor as well as indoor weddings and can help you to plan your dream wedding.