April 12, 2019

Things that you must add to your wedding ceremony

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There are many things that you want to do for at your wedding, but due to lack of time, you forget to do these small little things which make a big difference in your wedding. When you see these things on social media you wish you had done them at your wedding. But fret not, luxury event planners will take care of all the details to provide you and your guests with a beautiful experience. Let’s start with a list of things that you must not forget to add to your wedding ceremony.

Personalized Vows

What’s better than reciting your own sentiments? Personalized wedding vows can be sentimental and funny and guests will be all ears to your wedding vows. If you don’t like traditional vows then personalized vows are a great way to share your emotions for your better half.

A live wedding painter

A live wedding painting is a great way to capture those fun-filled and emotional moments. This can prove to be a great art piece which will add charm to your house. Live painting is the new wedding trend which brides are absolutely in love with.

A wedding Wheel

You can arrange for a wedding wheel which has fun and quirky things to do. For example, some of the things on wedding wheel can be- ask any couple in the wedding to kiss, get a kiss on the cheek from bride and groom, show your best dancing moves, etc. The list is endless, you can get as creative as you like.

An inscribed handkerchief for flower girl

An inscribed handkerchief can be a great gift to the flower girl. You can write something that she will understand when she will grow up. Many brides incorporate sweet messages for the bright future of the flower girl.

Leave some fun facts about you on the table

Leave some fun facts about you and the groom on the table for the guests to read. This way both sides will get a glimpse of the personality of the bride and the groom.

Make a social media hashtag of your wedding

If you love sharing your life with the world, then you can create a hashtag on social media, and ask all your guests to use the same hashtag to upload photos of the wedding on social media, this way it will be easier for anybody to find anything your wedding related on a social media platform.


Luxury weddings have shared a few ideas to make your wedding fun. By including the above things in your wedding you can add an element of fun as well as emotion into your wedding.