January 7, 2019

The Splendid New Year Wedding Trends You must Consider!

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The Splendid New Year Wedding Trends You must Consider

Having a partner for a lifetime is a lovely thing that most dream of. With the new year comes new engagements, new brides-to-be, and latest wedding trends. 2018 witnessed exciting trends and creative ideas but everyone now wants to dive into the world of weddings for 2019.

This is why some of the top wedding planners Miami have suggested the following trends that can make your big day that extra special for 2019.

Coral Colors

A cheery tone that’s flawless for weddings, coral is a fantastic hue to incorporate into a sunny summer wedding through everything from coral colored flowers, bridesmaid’s dresses, cakes, makeup and color schemes.

Bringing The Outdoors In

For 2019 wedding occasions, greenery endures being a classic go-to shade, with flowers and foliage becoming more organic and lush. Trees and use of foliage throughout floral designs will gather center stage. Floral will be considered natural, whimsical and romantic.

Opulent Wedding Cakes

We all have seen a lot of amazing wedding planner Miami cakes, but 2019 will welcome even more remarkable creations. Metallic touches, personalized monograms, and regal piping will be positioned first on everyone’s cake agenda. Even more thrilling are the astonishing array of textures – rippled icing, decorative finishes, and show-stopping sugar flowers will take guests’ breath away.

Scenting Your Wedding

Candles have always been a wedding favorite for creating a romantic attitude. To further improve this, more and more guests opt for their favorite scented candles (or even creating their own scents), to really convert their wedding’s ambiance, and also create a scented memory that they can enjoy and recall for years to come.

Illustrated Invitations

With wedding Miami invitations being one of the few methods of mail we get these days (or at the very least, the most thrilling!), guests are making the most of their wedding stationery by hiring hand-illustrated designs.

Banquet Tables With Low Floral

This Insta-loving style is swapping the roundtables and tall centerpieces for long banquet tables with rows of low flowers. Guests can notice each other, the happy couple can sit in the middle without feeling like they are on display, and it makes for pleasing photos.

The list doesn’t end here. These were some of the trends which you can consider along with your partner for your beautiful wedding making the occasion a reminisced one.