April 19, 2019

Things that you should do after getting engaged

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You are engaged, it looks like a dream but it is true! You have got a ring on your finger and want to tell the world that you are taken. But hold on, take a deep breath and let the moment sink in.

Luxury event planners are providing you with a list of things that you should do after getting engaged.


First thing first, don’t be overwhelmed with how you are going to prepare for the wedding. You have got plenty of time to plan, so just relax, enjoy the moment with your fiancé. Get some alone time with one another and cherish those moments.

Tell your family

Call your family and friends and give them the big news, they will be more than happy for you. They should hear the news from you and should not get to know about it through social media.

Get a manicure

Yes, get a manicure. Your ring will be the center of attention for a while so prep your hands and nails for the world to see. Make sure your hands and nails are well polished.

Get your ring sized

If your ring is tight or loose, get it sized. Don’t delay this important work, you don’t want your ring to fall off of your finger.

Get a ring insurance

Yes, get your ring insured. After several years if the jewels star coming off or you lose the ring, you will have insurance to take care of the things.

Think about a wedding date

Now that you have settled in it’s time to think about a wedding date. Make sure to take weather into account before deciding on a date. It is up to you if you want a spring wedding, an autumn one or a wedding in the backdrop of snowy mountains.


Think about the type of venue you want to get married in several months before the wedding. You should decide prior to selecting a venue what kind of wedding you want-an indoor wedding or an outdoor one. Then check various options available.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is a stressful task; the work should be best left to the professionals. Choose top wedding planners Miami to make your big day special and hassle-free.